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Welcome to Chaterra

There is magic in all of us, even the lowliest citizens of Chaterra, like you. This is a surreal and absurd fairy tale kingdom where the spirit of every person, animal, and plant can speak, if you'll listen. 

The world is burning, the fae have been forced into hiding, and the beloved King Aerich is lost in an eternal slumber, while the evil Witch of the Water, Nefia plots her ascension.


What is this game?

The Fires of Chaterra is a Push Powered game in which players create non-noble characters  that find themselves at the center of a major turning point in their Kingdom. It is a game about good vs. evil and the struggle against inequity and class oppression.

Designed to be playable as a satisfying one shot, but with enough ideas packed inside for a short multi-session campaign.

The Fires of Chaterra is part of One Night Worlds, Volume 1.

What is One Night Worlds?

One Night Worlds is a collection of 6 Zero-prep, GM-less, one-page ttrpgs. With each of the included games you can learn the rules, create characters, and discover a whole new world with your friends, all in one night. Players are guided by a simple TTRPG rules system (Cezar Capacle's PUSH SRD) that emphasizes collaborative storytelling and creates dramatic moments of risky choices. Check out all the games in the collection:

  1. The Fires of Chaterra: One Shot Edition
  2. Tales of Clockwork & Chaos: One Shot Edition
  3. In Alleys Dark: One Shot Edition
  4. Wormholes & Warp Drive: One Shot Edition
  5. Holding Darkness Within: One Shot Edition
  6. Starbound Isles: One Shot Edition

Media coverage

Watch it being designed with Cezar Capacle, the designer of the Push SRD.

The Fires of Chaterra was reviewed and recommended on the rpgsologames blog:  https://rpgsologames.com/the-fires-of-chaterra-review/


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It was so fun watching this be designed/written, and it looks great as a finished product! 

Thank you!

Check out this promo for The Fires of Chaterra as part of One Night Worlds.

Get notified of the Kickstarter Promo here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brianhazzard/one-night-worlds-zero-prep-gm-...

This is now a part of One Night Worlds: Zero-prep, GM-less, One Page TTRPGs. Kickstarter is launching soon!


Cezar and I had a lot of fun playing the game on the Instadeath podcast/YT channel…